IMG_1306Hi, I’m Sydney. You can call me Syd too.

I create memorable and emotional entertainment experiences. I’m most interested in how interactive media and experience design relate to mental health and the broader pursuit of a fulfilling life, and how that relationship can be strengthened through research-informed design.

I’m practicing:

  • designing interactive experiences for entertainment, well-being interventions, and a mix of those two
  • creative writing for interactive media
  • consulting for integrating scientific knowledge about emotional and psychological wellness into interactive media design
  • writing and speaking about interactive media
  • conducting game user research to study usability and experience goals
  • blogging about the connections between my favorite topics (especially BTS, positive psychology, and experience design)

I have a master’s degree in Games and Health from the University of Southern California (USC)’s Interactive Media and Games Division.

Other stuff I love includes Dragon Age, The Sims, rhythm games, RPGs, narrative games, Harry Potter, Parks & Recreation and The Good Place, magical realism, hip-hop and jazz dance, seeing live music, going to museums, learning Korean, sushi, and motorcycle jackets.

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