3BFD6446-1C3F-43AC-99B0-A86DD7FF1D46Hi, I’m Sydney. You can call me Syd too.

I am an experience designer who has been studying and applying positive psychology for 10 years.

My work includes:

  • designing experiences at the intersection of applied positive psychology & entertainment and leisure
  • consulting on design & the psychology of well-being for experiential projects
  • writing and speaking about interactive media, experience design, and positive psychology
  • creative writing for interactive media
  • conducting game user research to improve usability and meet experience goals
  • blogging about the connections between my favorite topics (especially BTS, positive psychology, and experience design)

I have a master’s degree in Games and Health from the University of Southern California (USC)’s Interactive Media and Games Division and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and English from Tufts University. My education in applied positive psychology was also formalized in the three years I worked for the MAPP (Master of Applied Positive Psychology) program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Other stuff I love includes Dragon Age, The Sims, rhythm games, RPGs, narrative games, wholesome TV (Parks & Recreation, The Good Place, and Ted Lasso top the list), magical realism, dance (especially hip hop, but I also love jazz and am learning tap), seeing live music, going to museums, and learning Korean.

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I am always happy to hear from people with similar interests.

I am currently available for consulting projects (events, gatherings, interactive experiences, and more!) on positive psychology and experience design.

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