The Being Academy

I was the research lead for a project by The Being Academy. I provided the designer with a perspective on positive psychology research and behavioral health interventions, and was also involved in playtest survey design.

The project I worked on is a multi-media platform for meditation, self-reflection, and spiritual development built around twelve emotional states or mindsets including joy, sorrow, loneliness, and hope.

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Healing Spaces

“A smart platform that allows caregivers to transform spaces through light, color, sounds, and visuals, turning any environment into a place where older adults living with dementia can focus, engage, and relax.”

I was a designer and usability researcher on this MFA thesis project by Gabriela Gomes.

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Published in Well Played: A Special Issue on Meaningful Play and Games for Social and Emotional Learning

I was an author on ‘Butterfly Lovers: Design rationale of a cooperative virtual reality game for promoting compassion in multigenerational families.’ This article is about a collaborative VR game in development at USC’s Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center. I provided content for the literature review, presenting relevant psychological scholarship about games, virtual reality, well-being, resilience, and compassion.

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